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The Rules


1) No one under 18 years of age.

2) No illegal drugs. (No kidding.) Eroica is crack enough for anyone.

3) Bonn, Cologne, Eberbach on the itinerary. (When, how long, etc. to be determined.)

4) Actual date October 19 - 26, 2008. Finally agreed upon as of 04/04/08.

5) Possibility of sharing expenses by doubling (tripling) up on hotel rooms.

6) This may seem a no brainer, but... Money for the hotel and train ride to Eberbach, and spending money.

7) Optional - bring zines, CDs, books to share and squee over. (I'll be bringing copies of my fic archive. Esther said she will bring the scanlations.)

8 ) German native speakers needed. Especially if we get large enough to necessitate breaking into smaller groups. One native speaker per group would be a big plus.

9) Promise to behave while in another fan's home country. Especially while sober. XD
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